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Whether you’re heading for the beach, a camping trip in Shenandoah National Park, or a tour of our nation’s capital, you’ll need a driver’s license. And before you may apply for a driver’s license, you’ll have to obtain a learner’s permit, for which you must pass a knowledge exam. Likewise, if you wish to drive commercially, you’ll need a commercial driver’s license (CDL). First, you must obtain a commercial learner’s permit (CLP), for which you must pass one or more knowledge exams. Whichever is your goal, we’ve pulled together the manuals you’ll need to study and created practice tests for you to take. Our practice tests feature questions just like those on the official knowledge exam. We’ve even built an exam simulator for you to use so you can feel confident and ready when you take your knowledge exam.

Just because you are transporting peanuts through Richmond doesn’t mean you have to get paid peanuts to. But if you want to get cash for hauling tobacco to Virginia Beach, you’ll need a Virginia commercial driver’s license (CDL). You can get an eight-year license for $64 (or $8 per year) but after you invest in the fee you’ll need to be ready for some testing. Skills and written tests can be pretty extensive, but we’ve got a way to reduce your stress by giving you practice questions similar to the ones you’ll see on the real thing. So whether you are taking the 70 question Class A exam, 50 question Class B or C or one of the many endorsements like passenger and school busses, doubles/triples, tank vehicles, hazardous materials, or air brake restriction removal, you’ll be ready to pass the first time.

Easy (200 questions)

Cut Your Study Time In Half With 2 Exclusive Cheatsheets

Top 100 DMV questions and Top 120 road signs (correct answers included). These printable e-books cover the most frequently asked driving test questions that you're likely to see on your knowledge test.

Hard (251 questions)
Hardest (95 questions)
Exam Simulator
Behind-the-wheel portion of the exam (124 questions)
VA DMV Driver’s License: Helpful Resources
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To Coding Salesforce All Certifications Guide Passing Virginia Driver’s License & Permit FAQ

How Can I Apply for my VA Driver’s License? Frequently Asked Questions

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  • What age must I be before I can apply for my permit in Virginia?

    You must be at least 15 ½ to apply for a learner’s permit.
  • What documents will I be required to have when I go to apply for my license in Virginia?

    Use Virginia’s interactive Document Guide to determine which documents to bring. You’ll want to be sure to bring:
    1. Proof of Identity
      • 1 proof of identity if you are younger than 19
      • 2 proofs of identity if you are older than 19
    2. Proof of Legal United States Presence
    3. Proof of Social Security Number (if you’ve been issued one)
    4. Proof of Virginia Residency
  • Where is the nearest place I can go to apply for a driver’s license in Virginia?

    You should go to your local Virginia Department of Motor Vehicles when you’re ready to apply for your Virginia driver’s license.
  • Is it easy to contact my nearest Virginia DMV office?

    Got a question? Call the Virginia DMV at (804) 497-7100.
  • Who is allowed to bring me for my permit test in Virginia?

    If you are under 18 years old, it’s best your parent or legal guardian bring you. If they are unable to come, a licensed driver 21 or older may bring you. You must have a signed application by your parent or legal guardian.
  • Is a physical required in order to get a permit in Virginia?

    A physical examination isn’t required when getting your license in Virginia. If you have a mental or physical condition that would affect your driving, you must give the DMV a medical evaluation from your doctor. A DMV official will evaluate to see if your license should have any restrictions on it.
  • Is a vision test necessary when I go to apply for my Virginia driver’s license?

    Yes. Your vision must be 20/40 or better in order to pass.
  • Where do I get a photo for my Virginia driver’s license taken?

    You will have your photo taken at the DMV office. You will not be issued a license if it seems you are wearing a disguise or are distorting your face in any sort of way.
  • What happens after I apply for my Virginia license?

    The first step in applying for your Virginia license is getting your learner’s permit. Once you pass your knowledge test, you will be issued your learner’s permit in the mail.
    • If you are under age 19, you must wait at least 9 months before getting your driver’s license. During that time you will need to complete a state approved driver’s education course, unless you are home schooled. You also need at least 45 hours of behind-the-wheel training with 15 of those hours being at night.
    • Passing To Salesforce All Coding Guide Certifications If you are 19 or older, you will need to hold your permit for at least 60 days or show proof that you have completed a driver’s education program.
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Here’s What Other Learners From Virginia Are Saying:

"I took my test the 1st time after studying this website the day before, I missed it by one because I second guessed myself. This website is VERY HELPFUL. They do ask the same questions on the real test but be careful and read carefully, because some of the questions are worded differently."

Lamaunt A., Virginia Beach, VA

"Aced the CLP in the first time. All due to practice on this site. Keep on doing more and more tests there is so much material here. This test was exactly like the permit test! I passed with flying colors."

Amit Arora, Dublin, Virginia

"Ok so guys and gals this is seriously the best website EVER! I learned more on this site than I learned in my driver's Ed class over 6 years ago! I literally took all of the quizzes/tests for like two days straight, and while I was waiting to take my test at the DMV I took the practice exam a few more times. The most helpful sections are the signs and fines because I didn't know there were so many signs, and didn't know a majority of the regulations for fines and the amounts. And I didn't just memorize the info either, I actually learned from the questions because of the hints and explanations for each one. SO WHOEVER CREATED THIS SITE NEEDS AN AWARD! Lol"

Fianna B., Coding All Passing Certifications Guide To Salesforce Norfolk, Virginia

"This site is a 100% guarantee for you to pass that permit test!"

Vitaly T., Chesapeake, Virginia

"I have a friend who has failed his test 3 times, and didn't use this site to much, and I used it every second I could, went in and passed the signs, along with getting 28/30 on the "General Knowledge" THIS SITE WORKS!"

M. T., Arlington, VirginiaPeeling Bipartite Networks Discovery For Dense Subgraph TTrn6q0

"Studied here for a week straight taking practice tests and read through the manual once. Did the marathon a couple times after I mastered the other tests, then did the marathon and road signs an hour before I took the actual test. Ended up getting a perfect score."

Bianca A., Richmond, Virginia

"This site is AMAZING!. used it everyday for a week before I took my test and it helped me pass! The questions are similar to the real ones."

E Bailey, Virginia

"I passed for the 1st time and the questions are very helpful! THANK YOU"

Abel Geremew, Virginia

"This test helped me so much! I was really nervous as first about taking my permit test but after a couple tries (more like 40) I finally succeeded. When I took my test I passed after the 1st try. I only got 1 question wrong."

Killa Zadva, Virginia

"This permit practice test really is helpful!! I passed my test and got a permit couple weeks ago! People ya'll have to trust me, it really, really does help! You just cant have your phone on or watch Tv for two weeks. No social media or nothing."

Ra-Jon James, Virginia

"This helps so much! Questions are really identical to the actual test!"

Tra'Von Fletcher, Virginia

"This is one of the best sites for info in learning how the DMV test are set up. I aced my CDL class A learners exam with the help of this site. thanks for the accuracy of your questions. Nearly all of them appear here as they do on the actual test. This really helped learning the answers 10 times faster than reading the DMV manual from cover to cover which i did do but it nearly put me to sleep several times. Thanks for this site being available, I'm currently enrolled in a truck school and I'll pass this site along to my school mates."

Chris Green, Virginia

"Great site! I'm 67 and took all the motorcycle tests before even attempting the DMV. Received a 100 on the written test. The tests are great prep for the real one. Also passed the road test, if you were wondering."

Bryce Sweet, Virginia

"I attended my DMV knowledge test 9237 Quioccasin Rd, Richmond, VA and passed with 86 percent. Thanks to this website, I started with MCQ preparation test from this website and later read the DMV guide, It made a lot sense when I read the guide. Would recommend this to beginners and also experienced drivers applying for DL here in Richmond. Thanks."

Puneeth Rao, Virginia

"Thank you to With the help of your tests I was able to successfully pass my written driving tests today in just one go. I spent the better part of 3 days studying all of the tests this website had for the driving test within my state and was able to pass my test today for the first time with a breeze. I know I would not have been as successful just reading through the driving manual provided by the DMV. This website provides questions that are nearly identical to those shown on the actual DMV tests and as such provides a great way to prepare to ace your exam the first go around. Thank you again to this website, I would recommend anyone to use the tests offered by as they are a great tool to prepare you and in the end they will save you time in not having to retake your tests and be able to move forward with your driving success! "

Jackie M, Virginia

"I was able to pass my test and I only missed 2 questions! Thank you guys so much for providing all of these practice tests they were VERY helpful! "

Levi S., Virginia

"Passed my test! Got 24 out of 25 correctly. Thanks guys!"

Rika N, Virginia

"I took these practice tests over and over, at least 20-30 times. Especially focus on the sign tests, since you need 10 out of 10 correct on the actual test, at least in Virginia. I passed my Learner's Permit test with a solid 100% (all 10 sign questions correct, and all 30 random questions correct, in the State of Virginia test). Before I went, I studied the paperback manual given to me at the DMV about three times over, skimmed through it once more on the drive over there, kept reading it while waiting inside the DMV for my number to be called. As said above, I also took these online practice tests a lot. This was just within the last few days, so if you're not feeling too confident, take these tests as much as you can, and read the manual 2-4 times within a few days, or a week. When you start hitting consistent 100% on the practice tests here, you're probably ready to go for the real thing! Whatever you get wrong, try writing it (the corrections) down on paper, then at the end, focus your mind on remembering the correct answers to those. I took that paper with me to skim over the whole time before the test, too, especially the fines and penalties for people who commit traffic violations, drive while intoxicated, etc. Thankfully, not many of those questions came up on the actual test though. Every test is random for each individual though, so I've heard. They'll probably throw 1-2 of those fines and penalties questions in there. Expect 'em."

N.V., Virginia

"This site is SUPER helpful. I went online to find practice permit tests, i didn't want to read the manual, and it is basically the test! I went in there super confident and i passed!"

Christina H., Virginia

"I studied the practice test for Va. and really enjoyed the way the question were asked. Each time I tested myself, I felt better about taking the written test. The day I took the written test I passed it the first time. I just want to say thank you for all your help. Now I am on my way to a better life, being able to drive. Again Thank you so much."

Paulette Martin, Virginia
Easy (125 questions)

Cut Your Study Time In Half With 3 Exclusive Cheatsheets

These printable e-books cover the most frequently asked motorcycle questions that you're likely to see on your VA knowledge test.

Guide Certifications Salesforce Coding Passing To All Hard (125 questions)
Hardest (50 questions)
Exam Simulator
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General Knowledge (330 questions)

Learn Why 95.2% of Premium Customers Pass vs. the US National Average of 49%

CDL Premium is proven to nearly double your chances of passing the knowledge test by giving you a faster, easier, more organized way to prepare. It also comes with a Pass Guarantee.

Hazardous Materials (HazMat) (100 questions)
School Bus (72 questions)
Passenger Vehicles (67 questions)
Air Brakes (119 questions)
Combination Vehicles (99 questions)
Double/Triple Trailers (60 questions)
Tanker Vehicles (61 questions)
Pre-Trip Inspection (60 questions)
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Practice offline & on the go with the free DMV Genie app

Available for iOS and Android

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